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World of Hyatt; Take back vacation

Taking vacation is important.

But despite the physical and psychological benefits, Americans let so many paid vacation days go to waste -- over 75 million.

So World of Hyatt wants to help people take back vacation. And now that they’ve added 200 stunning Small Luxury Hotel properties across Europe and Asia, they can help them do just that.

AD: Yours truly & Jose Neves
CW: Justin Cannon

Not-so-subtle OOH

We’ll take out billboards that sit right outside the windows of high-stress companies such as investment banks, tech startups, law firms, and advertising agencies to serve as a reminder that they’ll be even better after a luxury vacation.


When you stay with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, you’re not going to enjoy a typical vacation. You’re going to be doing something awesome you’ll want to tell people about. So based on the property you book with, we’ll help you create the perfect OOO email in a couple of simple steps.

We’ll create content that’s contextual. If we’re talking about how vacation prevents procrastinating on social media, we’ll do so through those mediums.


Luxury as a catalyst for change

America is the only country in the modern world that does NOT mandate vacation time. We will try to convince U.S. congresspeople to enact legislation to change that by helping them realize just how important vacation is.

We’ll also invite our partners to help us take vacation back

To convince the world to join us in taking vacation seriously, we’ll invite other companies to take our vacation pledge. Our sites will be updated to include the pledge, and we’ll drive targeted creative directly to them. The goal here is to invite both our partners, like Deloitte and Oracle, as well as the broader working world to join us in mandating two weeks of paid vacation for their employees.