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Genexa; Animal Crossing Activation

Genexa is the world’s first “clean” medicine company. They’re a start-up disrupting brands like Advil and TUMS by making their medicine with the active ingredients you need, and none of the artificial ones (high fructose corn syrup, dyes, parabens) you don’t.

As an extention of Genexa’s larger “Ditch The Dirty” campaign, I single-handedly created a 5-star ACNH island over the course of a week. You can say I’m now a terraforming expert. My partner and I then launched this idea with an entire microinfluencer campaign playing off of the medicine found in the game and Tom Nook’s crookedness.

Results: Hundreds of players toured ‘Genexa Island.’ We reached over 650,000 users and garnered over 100,000 impressions on a budget of only $500 (the switch console and the game).

Art Director + Island Designer: Yours truly
Copywriter: Sam Hoffman
CCO: Ty Montague
CD: Steph Price
Genexa CMO, co: Marketing Director: Kelli Lane
Client Engagement: Allie Guggenheimer
Producer: Dani Rebellón
Influencer Relations: Stone Van Camp 

Tom Crook “smear campaign” that our digital relations partner helped share out to specific Animal Crossing micro-influencers we chose.


We partnered with popular gaming influencers who livestreamed and toured the island before launch to  raise awareness.

And we even recieved some wholesome feedback from the Animal Crossing community.

A closer look at the 5-star island: