joesephine 김 — Art Director

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Passion projects 

Animal Crossing Music Videos 

WAP - Cardi B & Meg Thee Stallion

Positions - Ariana Grande

I recorded, edited, choreographed, and designed everything you see in this video from the backgrounds to the outfits, pixel by pixel.

These projects have taught me a lot about how virality and the internet work. It’s currently at 2.6M views & getting press

You know you’ve made it when creators make videos reacting to your videos:

Asian Glow Up Podcast

In May 2020 I started a podcast with two friends where we give our unfiltered take on our Asian-American cultures, careers as 20-something-year-old’s, and finding a sense of community in New York City as transplants. We’re available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.