Joesephine Haeri Kim
Art Director // Photographer

Lightbox                      Pack Light

Summer 2022

For Lightbox’s summer campaign, I owned all things art direction, creative concepting, shot lists, talent scouting, post-production, and beyond. In order to expand the brand’s reach and inclusivity, I helped cast Lightbox’s first male model and ensured we were working with a diverse team across the board.

For product photography, we partnered with talented paper artists directly in Amsterdam to bring our concept to life. We leaned into the magic of packing light and taking Lightbox with you wherever you may travel this summer.

Results: We garnered over 2m impressions across all channels and quadrupled site traffic and sales during Q2 and Q3.

Pack Light

Passport. Outfits. Lab-grown diamonds. Check. This summer, take your sparkle to go. Because these are lab-grown diamonds. They’re made every day, so they’re made to go everywhere. To the beach, to the city and anywhere in between. No fuss, all fun, just like the perfect travel companion. So grab your sunhat and your studs, and get ready to be carefree. And don’t forget to pack light.


Lifestyle photography

Product photography

Art Director: Yours truly
Copywriter: Charlie Glassman
CD: Courtney Bowditch
Client Engagement: Allie Guggenheimer, Sydney Shin
Producer: Dani Rebellón