Joesephine Haeri Kim
Art Director // Photographer

Meeting Masterpieces

March 2020

At the very start of the pandemic, so much was unknown around COVID-19 and how it would affect creatives. And as the world moved remote, we witnessed the influx of newly unemployed artists who needed support. So we created, a donation-based Zoom background gallery to provide both funds directly to artists and fun backgrounds to those on video calls all day.

We initially launched Meeting Masterpieces with a version of the site that we built ourselves from scratch. Shortly after, we partnered with Can’t Stop Columbus who approached us and volunteered their time to rebuild our site with some stronger backend functionalities.

Results: We got some press. As of February 2022, we’ve raised over $10,000 for artists and charities.

Check out the site live. It’s much cooler. (or just view below I suppose...)

Art Directors: Yours truly
Copywriter: Sam Hoffman